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Transfer money from one account to another or disburse it from the Tara Merchant App without worrying about hefty fees at all, all on your phone. No hidden transaction charges, no delays, no lines or forms, just hassle-free transfer management.


Tara.app provides a unified, seamless, and uniform payment experience for consumers across the spectrum. Our ecosystem-enabled transaction flow reduces the number of steps, enables authentication without app switching, and upholds data privacy while providing instant realization to the merchants.


With the Tara Merchant App, we’ll set you up with whatever you need, right off the bat! Building a hyperlocal online business that lets you sell anything, on your own terms. Our cutting-edge tech infrastructure will enable you to receive digital payments, run recurring subscriptions and manage customer journey end-to-end.

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Taking it Online!

Whatever stage your business may be at, you can take it online with the Tara Merchant App. It’s more than just eCommerce!

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Tara Consumer allows you to take advantage of our unified payment experience and enables all
kinds of payments in one nifty app.

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